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Backyard Candles


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This eco-friendly collection of candles come in up-cycled coconut shells. They are made with all natural soy/coconut wax, phthalate free fragrances oils infused with essential oils, cotton wicks and concentrated dyes (optional).



No. 1 | White Birch: With balanced notes of pine and cypress to remind you of the holidays and crisp winter air, and vanilla and tonka beans to add a feeling of warmth, this is the perfect fragrance to start the new year. Infused with fir needle, cedarwood, eucalyptus, patchouli, and cedar leaf essential oils, you are certainly going to experience nature's charm with this sophisticated fragrance.nd a creamy vanilla base, your nose is treated to a smooth, refreshing aroma.

No. 3 | Grapefruit & Orange: This fragrance screams citrus. Top notes of grapefruit, orange and bergamot essential oils create a succulent blend of crisp and sweet that is oh so delicious! And a floral and green middle add a soothing touch to this true to life fragrance.

No. 4 | Coconut Water: This fragrance smells just like a freshly cracked coconut! With buttery rum top notes and a creamy vanilla base, your nose is treated to a smooth, refreshing aroma.

No. 10 | Ocean's Edge: This fragrance combines forest vibes and aquatic notes to create a mysterious aroma. This is a perfect choice for lovers of men’s cologne and musky fragrances.

No. 12 | Honeysuckle Jasmine: If you're looking for a sweet and warm floral scent, you are in luck! This fragrance is infused with guaiacwood and white jasmine essential oils to give it a bright yet sophisticated feel. With a powder fragrance base and honeysuckle top note, you shouldn't be surprised if you're feeling upbeat after lighting this candle :)

No. 15 | Moonflower Musk: An elegant and mysterious fragrance, Moonflower musk brings together fruity top notes, musky base notes, and floral middle notes to create an enticing, well-rounded, and soothing aroma.

No. 16 | Seaside Plumeria: Is it sweet? Is it tart? You decide with this wonderfully clean Spring fragrance. Infused with juicy top notes, an array of floral middle notes and smooth base notes, this is a blossoming fragrance enlighten by tropical taste.

No. 18 | Beach at Night: This fragrance is a perfect blend of clean, sweet and warm. Infused with cardamom seed and clove leaf essential oils, you can almost feel the ocean's spray with this fragrance. Amber and vanilla add a smooth touch, making it a subtle yet intricate masculine fragrance. Flowery middle notes add a balance that make this the perfect year round candle.

No. 20 | Sun Dried Linen: This fragrance is a formal blend of refreshing and soothing, with notes of lemon blossom and white tea at the top, and a musky, creamy wood base. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

No. 23 | Bamboo & Coconut: This luxurious fragrance reminds us of a tranquil bamboo forest. With top notes of bright lime blossom, crisp mint and airy ozone, middle notes bursting with tropical flavor and a grounding base, this fragrance is basically a spa day in a candle.

No. 24 | Coconut Beach: Creamy coconut and soothing ocean breeze come together to create one of our most tranquil aromas. New for Summer, this spa-type aroma has a base of amber, musk and palm to add complexity and balance to fresh orange and pineapple top notes.

No. 25 | Pineapple Sage: An upscale fragrance that brings together sweet pineapple and aromatic sage in a very unexpected way. This fragrance is infused with guaiac wood, cedarwood, and eucalyptus essential oils to add a unique twist to this wonderful garden herb.

No. 26 | Lavender and Sage: This candle is meant for those who prioritize relaxation. A luscious blend of chamomile, lavender, sage, rosemary, and more come together to create an aroma perfect for me time! Put your feet up, you deserve this.

No. 27 | Peach Mango: This mouthwatering fragrance simply smells juicy. With notes of mango, papaya, coconut, peach, pear, and pineapple, you will feel like you're relaxing in a tropical oasis. Infused with orange and coriander essential oils, and base notes of vanilla, tonka, and clove add a sense of calmness to this lively fragrance.

No. 28 | Margarita: Refreshing and definitely a little more sweet than tart, this fragrance is the perfect choice for a summertime party. Notes of tropical guava and orange offer a burst of citrus while lime, sea salt, and ozone bring you right to the beach with this clean, energizing fragrance.

No. 30 | Tropical Smoothie: Tropical smoothie smells as good as it sounds! Bursting with citrus notes of orange, pineapple, mango, and coconut and mixed with notes of rum, sugar, and vanilla, if this was an actual drink you wouldn’t be able to put it down!

No. 31 | Sea Salt and Orchid: This fragrance elegantly blends crisp sea salt and ozone top notes, a calming middle of jasmine and green leaves, and a smooth wood and creamy base to create a high-end spa type aroma. Perfect all year long and for every room in your home.

No. 33 | The Beach Bum: Our most complex fragrance ever; blended so smoothly into a deliciously relaxing retreat. This one is a company favorite, full of every necessary ingredient for the perfect summertime aroma. Infused with lemon, lime, and orange essential oils for an extra bright feel.

No. 34 | Lime in the Coconut: A tropical clean fragrance that allows you to bring all the beachy smells home! This fragrance is infused with orange and lime essential oils and has a coconut and tropical musk base that delivers the perfect island ambiance to any space. And yes...we put the lime in the coconut!

No. 3.1 | Citrus & Mint: We launched this fragrance in January and it is already a best seller. Bursting with all the right citrus notes, this fragrance is bright and zesty. A tropical fruit explosion is balanced nicely with mint, tomato leaf and a little vanilla.

All natural soy and coconut waxes, phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils, concentrated dyes, and a cotton wick. 


It’s biodegradable/breathable packaging allows it to remain environmentally conscious while allowing fragrance to pass through.

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